At Mountain Leisure, we understand the importance of rucksacks for your outdoor expeditions. We provide a range of men’s rucksacks, women’s rucksacks and daypacks, all of which will surpass your outdoor needs. Ranging from biking packs to fully kitted hiking rucksacks, our wide range will certainly have you prepared for any circumstances on your outdoor adventure.

Here at Mountain Leisure, we understand that rucksacks are essential when partaking in outdoor activities. We stock a wide range of high quality rucksacks, for both men and women, which allow you to take your essentials with you wherever you decide to travel.

If you are a dedicated backpacker, we have the range of perfect rucksacks for you. Ranging from 12 litres right up to 100 litres, our rucksacks are competitively priced and our extensive range will suit all budgets.

Our staff at Mountain Leisure are backing enthusiasts and love the outdoors. If you have a question, don’t hesitate to ask, they will be more than happy guide and advise on all things outdoors.

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